There would be a cool applet here if your browser supported Java(tm)!

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Even if you have Java, you probably don't see my desired output from the applet above. One big reason is that my server doesn't seem to support NTP or RFC-868, and the related reason is applet security. Browsers don't let applets contact a third-party server like I'd prefer to do.

Experimenters are welcome to try storing my TimeApp.class on their local machine. Then try running a copy of this page from your local machine and see if it works. Other than the above, the most obvious problem is not having a time-out to handle missing datagrams.

Alternatively TimeApp.class can be placed on a server that supports NTP or RFC-868, then modify TimeApp.html to replace "" with your server name, and replace true with false if your server is RFC-868 (instead of NTP).

Good luck. Please let me know the results, and keep my Author information in the applet. If copied anywhere, of course I'd also appreciate credit in the form of the pointer to my home page (such as below).

The source

If your clock is not correct and your platform supports both ActiveX and VBScript, you can use ActiveEarthTime Lite to correct it (select a server such as and press the Synchronize Now button - Windows NT users need the "Change the system time" Right). Assuming that your browser supports frames, it opens a new window in case you want to keep the nice display around but continue browsing.

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