My vanity call sign assigned Jan-20-2001 is K4UTC.
I was first licensed as novice KA2ALG sometime around April-May'78.  My first contact was on 1/29/79 at 1938Z when I contacted KA3BHX by CW on 21.125MHz for a 589 report.  Later I upgraded to Tech Plus and got call sign N7MOK, but my second contact wasn't until 7/4/97 at 5:05pm PDT when I used 5 watts FM to contact KB7ZDD on the 147.34MHz repeater.  Later that night I used his net on 147.51MHz.

Starting 8/11/97 slightly after 0200Z, I regularly checked into the King County Fire Zone 1 ARES net on 147.34MHz FM repeater with 20W or less, but I stopped around Spring'98.  Sometimes there's a brief after-net exchange with one of the other members.  I'll only log instances when I was net control.  9/22/97 & 2/15/98.

Starting 9/20/97 at 5:23pm PDT, I sometimes joined APRS on 145.79MHz including RELAY digipeating with 20W or less (later 144.39 but I'm not active).

Of course I sometimes make brief test transmissions on purpose or by accident.   The first was on 8/10/97 at 10:30pm PDT on 145.1MHz.  One where I didn't ID was 8/26/97 at 5:38pm PDT with a few watts when I mistakenly "kerchuncked" the 147.08MHz FM repeater while plugging/unplugging my speaker/mic.

There are contacts in my contest logs: CQWW'97, ARRL Sweepstakes'97, Int'l DX'98, CQWPX'98, IARU HF'98, CQWW'98, ARRL Sweepstakes'98, Int'l DX'99, CQWPX'99(check log)

On 8/17/97 at 3:45pm PDT on the 147.34MHz FM repeater using 20W or less, I was the first contact for my friend Ken, KC7YZU, who I brought into the hobby.

During Field Day'98 I was an operator for W7FR (VHF 2M & 6M voice).

Finally there are the remaining contacts (I won't log "normal" FM contacts on 147.34MHz Repeater):
8/21/97 8:30pm PDT WA6PEQ 145.33MHz FM Repeater 20W or less (net)
8/25/97 0256Z KB7WSB 50.1299MHz SSB 100W
4/3/98 0412Z H40AA 21.3MHz SSB 200W
3/25/99 1955Z CU3DJ 21.278MHz SSB 200W
3/25/99 2004Z CN8WW 21.319MHz SSB 200W
3/26/99 0201Z A35LU 21.312MHz SSB 200W
3/29/99 1648Z 4S7SW 14.213MHz SSB 200W
3/31/99 1846Z T33RD 14.195MHz SSB 200W

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