This page is an attempt at listing some of the current genealogy research topics related to my family (Doug Hogarth's Family at GenCircles)

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If you have any info to help me, please let me know.  Maybe you are family; maybe you got here from a search engine.

William F Gordon: is ours the guy from Ireland (not Scotland) and was our Elizabeth a second wife?  In 1850 NYC census there is 30-something William laborer with 30 year old wife Bridget from Ireland and 6 year old Mary born NY and x year old William born NY.  In 1860 NYC there is 45 year old William F laborer with 35 year old wife Elizabeth from England and youngsters (all born NY) 13 year old William and 15 year old Mary and 8 year old Margaret and 6 year old Frederick and 1 year old Alfred.  In 1880 NYC there is a William father born Ireland, and In 1900 census there is William b Sep 1846 NY and then there is a death certificate Dec 1900 for William Francis 54y 2m of NY parents William Francis and Bridget of Ireland.

Charles L Rowand's parents: CW Hayman submitted AFN: 1X5B-5D6 which seems similar to ours except middle Lewis (instead of the paternal grandmother maiden name Linville) and 1808-1871 instead of our 1809-1873.  So we look for such age Charles Rowand of NJ on census to see if we find any other than ours.  A close match we find (without middle initial) is in 1850 Camden Co. a 40 year old laborer (but not in 1860/1870), and 1840 Gloucester Co. a 20-30 year old with a similar aged female and a boy under age 5.  Note in both those years our guy in census had middle initial L.  We also track that Quaker family for clues, for example Charles' birth can fit between Joseph T. and John R. (who were Dr/druggist), parents were still living after Charles' marriage, and one sibling did have real estate agent occupation.  Story about Charles adding ending 'd' doesn't seem to be supported by census, but the ancestor Alexander supposedly did.

William Henry Hogarth's parents:  marriage in England shows his father as soldier William as we had heard.  I paid for lookup in army index of overseas births but not found.
Checking Mansfield because of 1838 8-year indenture mentioned by Pat Sheldon (and proximity to Teversall, and Solomon Brett's death location) shows that such potential siblings Eliza & John were married around Nov 1840 and May 1841 (then a Thomas was born around Feb 1842) also an Eliza died around May 1839.  But non-Henrys likely belong to Mansfield parents Thomas&Elizabeth Gillings m.1806 who had Eliza & John and many others 1807-1820.
Check ship passenger lists around 1848-1890 for Elizabeth Brett because Grace said she visited America more than once.
John Hogarth b 23 Dec 1786 mentioned at
John HOGARTH. A Private in Lieut Colonel Stable's Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards (Grenadiers). Born Penrith, Cumberland; occupation Coach Maker; enlisted 30 Apr 1810 in Plymouth at age 24 years; discharged 30 Apr 1817, time expired. Description 5ft 7ins, brown hair, grey eyes, sallow complexion. Served in the Peninsular and at Waterloo, name appears on the Waterloo Medal roll but not the MGS medal roll, which could be explained by his death in 1823.

Sarah Wilcox parents really John and Sarah North (she isn't listed as their daughter most places)?

Joanna Bailey's parents maybe younger Joseph/Jerusha(Wadsworth), i.e., 50 year old Jerusha Webster b.1739CT is grandmother rather than mother?  But will of the older Joseph mentions daughter Joanna.
Joanna Bailey's mother presumably not Phebe Baldwin instead of Jerusha since there is such Phebe (b~1774 d Jul 1841) in Webster genealogy as Nov1801 wife of her son Pelatiah W(b.Mar 1778, d.Dec 1812)

What further back ancestors should I enter for Mercy Paine (not Mary Edwards) and/or Olive Willoughby (they are in Ancestral File)?

When/where was John Aaron Eliot in Michigan?  How did internet get his mark(initials)?

From Greg's GEDCOM: Was Frank A Grothe buried in Cleveland (daughter Joan thinks his ashes are in Florida)?  Was Karl Cobelli's marriage Mar 2nd?

Did Mary Ann Hornby's father (William)  d Sept 1969 FL, b 3 Feb 1933?

Enter Maggie's other siblings: William D. Cassels, a Navy veteran and a retired employee of Naval Air Station Corpus Christi and a Navy retiree, died Jan. 3, 2002. He was 68.   Survivors include his wife Maria; two sons, Edward Cassels of Waco and Wayne Cassels of Corpus Christi; three daughters, Debbie Cassels of Champaign, Ill., Maggie King of Corpus Christi and Kim Kastner of Riley, Kan.; and eight grandchildren.

Where did Peggy Long Whitmore's daughter get name Weith (first husband?)

Maybe solved: Did Del Rosensteel have one or two wive's prior to Hazel, and were names Helen and/or Mary, where did they live, did they die, etc?  Maybe she is Mary Helen Shouse b 1919 d Sept 2003, or maybe ROSENSTEEL Helen w/o d Apollo 11 Jul. 1944 27y.  Del's divorce before Hazel named Mary H

Solved (John Howard married an Evans):
Investigate connection between Mary Casho and John Howard who married a descendant of Gov John Evans? Eliza Ann Howard Ellis had Howard b1834 & Charles M in Elkton Dec 1838 (was mayor immediately after HDM Howard)?

Solved (Rachel was a Howard):
Ethyl Alice Howard had cousin Wm Howard May who married Mary Constable?
1850 census shows Wm May (Sr?) son of Benjamin & Rachel (living near some Foards?), and Anna Mackall daughter of Henry & Mary (living near Levi Boulden)
1870 census shows Wm May (Sr?) b (Aug)1842 MD living near Thomas Gilpin (Ethyl's mother's first husband)
1880 census shows Wm H May (wife Anna M. Mackall? b(Jul)1845 MD) (m~1867) & Wm H May Jr b (Feb) 1873 living near Boulden/Foard (Ethyl's father's first in-laws)
1900 census shows Wm Jr single
1910 census shows Wm Jr widowed? (different county in MD)
RootsWeb has William Howard May married 8 Jun 1918 Mary Groome Constable (b 14 Apr 1884 to Albert Constable & Elizabeth Black Groome)
Wm Jr & Mary are in Manhattan 1920?

Solved by Gayle: Florence Marie Brew had aunt mrs w n cooksey of hampton (she was with them in 1910 census, and widow/daughter lived next to Guy Howard in 1920 Virginia)
Ware Episcopal Church Cemetery
Jeannette Wallace Cooksey dau. of
CAPT William N. (b Oct 1839 MD) and Mary A. Smith (b Apr 1860 NY) COOKSEY (m~1884)
June 21, 1895 - Jan 3, 1979

Grothes: In city directories of the early 1860s, William usually listed as tin smith.  In 1867 Henry Grothe & Peter Grothe buy lots next to each other on Lorain.  In 1877 Peter Grothe sells real estate to widow Caroline Brinker (a Cobelli).  JF Grothe (maybe Jr rather than Sr?) & Peter Grothe are buried together next to Louise Grothe Werdel.

Certificates ordered by Doug: (NYC Harriet Coon birth 1237781921 never got any response, assumed not found)

Certificates to be ordered sometime:
can't find death 4th bc1764 Jane Pritchard Grundy after 1851 5th bc1774 james fowler 4q1864 chorley v83 p275 no (got date)? 6th bc1768 william brennand 3q1850 (but 4 year age discrepency) clitheroe v21 p243
death record for William Bamber?
Clarkson Coon birth (Somerset Co. NJ clerks office?) and/or marriage - how?
Cordelia's birth MD archives (they said only recorded couple births per year so unlikely)