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I've uploaded my genealogy to GenCircles. Feel free to give me any feedback if you can suggest improvements.  Some of my current genealogy research topics are described here.  My old attempt using Ultimate Family Tree to publish a dozen generations was here.

Yahoo's genealogy list (includes Ancestors, The Genealogy Home Page, RootsWeb GDC, UK+Ireland Genealogy, Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites, Everton's Genealogical Helper, etc.)

Below are some family pictures. In the first one, I'm on the far right, my mom is immediately left of me, and mom's mother Hazel is below. Mom's sister Arlene is on the left, and the remaining person is Arlene's daughter Heidi (my cousin):

Below is from grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary September 1978; back row left to right: Uncle Bill, cousin Steve, me (Doug), my dad Dick, Uncle Bob, Uncle Bud & Norma, cousins Terry & Micki; middle standing is cousin Gordon; seated at table left then clockwise: Conroy Adams & Norma, grandparents Evalyn & Robert Hogarth, Mary & Dick Bowes

Below is from my 2nd great-grandparents' golden wedding anniversary 1909; front row left to right: Emma Coon, 2nd great-grandparents Clarkson Coon & Harriet (my grandfather Robert on leg), Fred Coon; back row left to right: Marion, great-grandparents Harriet & Chris Hogarth, Ethyl, Helen

Below is presumably Hampton Virginia around early 1912.  The bearded man is Harry D.M. Howard, his wife Sarah E. Rowand (Gilpin) right of him.  The man on the far right is C.Monteith Gilpin (Sarah's son from first marriage), with his wife Gertrude resting her arm on his leg.  Front center is C.Valesca holding Norma, with daughters Elizabeth and Evalyn on the step behind.  Left front is Ethyl and her daughters Marion and Gertrude.  The middle-aged woman in white is presumably Evalyn (Harry's daughter from first marriage).  The couple in back is Guy with (fiancee?) Florence Brew.

My dad is near the lower left below, dad's father Robert is at the top and dad's mother Evalyn is third from the right. My maternal aunt and cousin are near the middle.  From the left are dad's aunts Norma and Elizabeth, and from the right are dad's uncles Conroy Adams and "Fred" Weber:

Below are my great-grandparents Oscar Grothe & Nettie and I at a Miami-area restaurant:

From Greg Staff comes the following (taken about 1928) Front Row:  Hazel Grothe & Sara Stapf; Second Row: Carrie Cobelli Brinker, Amelia Cobelli Pfister, Mary Cobelli Zapp, Anna Cobelli Grothe; Third Row: Oscar Grothe, Martha Maurer, Elsie Stapf (Staff), Will Maurer, Frieda Stapf Russert, Walter Maurer, Nettie Grothe & Frank Russert?: