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"Hogarth, well known for his obsession with time and timekeeping"
(phrase from last paragraph in chapter 8 of Longitude by Dava Sobel)

You can see a demonstration of my obsession in my TimeServ program (the documentation contains various links) and my Pre-release of Java applet TimeApp (including pointer to ActiveEarthTime Lite).  My friend's GPS, UTC, & TAI Clocks page is pretty cool.

I have my own "atomic clock", but UTC is officially kept by the BIPM as a sort of worldwide "best average" (FTP directory TAI at The USNO Time Service Dept. is the official US timekeeper and its ensemble is the largest contributor to UTC(BIPM). NIST Time and Frequency Division maintains the US primary frequency standard and is traditionally more civilian and research oriented (their common view data is FTP directory pub/time at There are Links to other National Laboratories. ITU-R publishes TF Series Recommendations and there is the IEEE UFFC. Industry meetings include PTTI, FCS, and EFTFHamilton Technical Services sells Stable32.  Nice articles can be found in July 1991 Proceedings of IEEE.

Other sites include The Year 2000 Information Center, a reference for computer time zone info (FTP directory-pub- at, Agilent (HP) T&M Directory, and National Instruments (GPIB). I'm "just looking" at Used Test Equipment. Rather than listing much more, try Yahoo's time list (includes Clocks and Time: Horology, The Time of Internet, Time Server which includes news:comp.protocols.time.ntp, etc).
Finally there is a RealAudio interview with Dava Sobel by Noah of NPR's All Things Considered.